Client Forms

Divorce Mediation Forms

First meeting

For divorce mediation, please bring the following:

  1. New-Client Intake Form
    One form for each of you to complete which provides basic information about you.

  2. Assets and Liabilities Form
    The form has four columns: jointly held assets, your assets, your spouse’s assets, and your children’s (major) assets. Each of you should fill out one on your own, even if information is repeated.

  3. Copies of the last 3 years of federal income tax returns, W2’s and 1099’s.

  4. If you are self-employed or have a family business, we would need 3 years of P&L statements.

  5. Social Security Statement -and- Social Security Estimator

Other divorce-related items

Budget Instructions
This will be used for the basis of spousal support and child support. Its 2nd page lists many items that people forget to include in their budgets.

Budget Form (Excel spreadsheet)
After the spreadsheet appears on your screen, choose File > SaveAs to store it onto your computer. You should also download the paper version (above), seeing as how this one is optional.

This is handy for laying out where the kids will spend each night.

Inventory (PDF)
A handy form for keeping track of who gets what from the household items.

Inventory (Excel spreadsheet)
Same as above, but as an Excel spreadsheet. This is optional.

NC form AOC-ASP-600
Form for change-of-name.

IRS Publication 504
Tax issues for divorced or separated individuals.

IRS form 8332
IRS form regarding tax exemptions for the children.

NC Child Support Guidelines -Forms

NC Child Support Guidelines - Instructions

Civil mediation forms

New-Client Intake Form
Provide basic information about you.  Bring this with you to your first appointment.